Top 10 Powerful Questions to Ask

They’re everywhere, these Top 10 lists, filling our desire for bite-sized, digestible morsels of learning or humor. They give us tips on housework or investment practices, satire on current events or political issues, and ideas for consideration on personal growth.

With this Top 10, however, you are the writer. Use these Top 10 lists (and any others you may create) to remind yourself of what’s good and shining about you and your life. Use them to become more aware of what you know and what you can do to affect your world. Use them to reconnect with your dreams, to remember what you want deep inside. Enjoy!

  1. Top 10 Things I Love About My Life.  
  2. Top 10 Ways I Positively Affect Those Around Me. 
  3. Top 10 Things That Are Uniquely “Me.”
  4. Top 10 Things I’d Like to Do Before I Die.
  5. Top 10 Things I Know That I’d Like to Share.
  6. Top 10 Ways in Which I am a Leader. 
  7. Top 10 Things I’m Grateful For.
  8. Top 10 Dreams I Want to Fulfill.
  9. Top 10 Things That Fill Me With Joy.
  10. Top 10 Things I Could Fix or Change in the World.