Revolutionize your
learning, collaboration,
and training.

Achieve breakthroughs in thinking, engagement, and action — and make breakthroughs happen for your clients, students, and employees.

With the right tools, gathering people together for meetings, learning, and strategy can be fun, creative, and inclusive. And getting together online can be just as productive and transformative as getting together in person. Well designed and expertly facilitated workshops can be one of your best tools to solve complex problems, create innovation, and drive growth.

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Be the leader who convenes accessible, inclusive meetings that maximize participation and get results.

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Find out what’s possible in virtual spaces and start accomplishing the goals your meetings are meant to deliver.

Make the shift from
mechanics to dynamics.

Let Corrie Melanson, recognized expert in engaging and visual learning, teach you the strategies you need to move beyond the mechanics of meetings to the dynamic power of collaborative and inclusive group processes.

Corrie’s unique 4-D Model works for online, in person, and blended approaches to learning and collaboration:

  • Discover: Get clear on everything from your target audience to your learning objectives.
  • Design: Plan for engagement, collaboration, and accessibility.
  • Deliver: Spark curiosity, maximize participation, and build connection.
  • Deepen: Leverage the learning with extended activities, feedback, and communities of practice.

Corrie puts her education and experience to work, helping you to:

  • Identify best practices for learning and choose the right approach
  • Move beyond traditional group processes to leverage the power of collaboration
  • Apply adult education, universal design for learning, and equity-centered practices
  • Build technical capacity, online and in-person tools, and learning management systems

Whether you need strategic advice and guidance, professional development, or full design and implementation of your program or training — Corrie is here to help.


has a right to learn and grow in an engaging, supportive, and barrier-free environment, on- and offline. Corrie is committed to integrating proven principles of adult education, culturally responsive education (CRE), and universal design for learning (UDL) into her programs — and yours.